Mary Baltzell

Mary Baltzell

Mary Baltzell Designs is a lifestyle brand that includes many categories including wall art, fabric, furniture, wallpaper, home decor and so much more. I use my art to bring a little joy to others lives. I may not cure cancer but if my art brings a little happiness to someones day I am a success.  

So what is Fat Bird?

Fat bird is the name I use for my fabric designs

A little bit about me, Mary, I am an artist to my core. I draw, paint, sew, and experiment with any medium I can get my hands on. I live to create. My inspiration comes from the world around me.  I look at the world and see the odd details of life that make it beautiful. I love to find the beauty in the mundane. 

 All my life I have been called weird and told I was not "normal". Guess what...


That's right I have never sought to be normal or average! Life is too short to blend in so I say be you. 

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I am originally from Alabama but after many years of wandering I have landed in Georgia just outside Atlanta.

I have been creating art my entire life. My earliest creations were my crayola watercolor paintings on paper grocery bags. I would host an art show in the dinning room when I finished a collection. Then it was painting murals on my bedroom walls.  As an adult I spent sometime traveling, painted a few murals and even worked at an art museum for a time.

After leaving my museum position to I marry my wonderful husband I began searching for a new creative outlet and had an idea to paint on fabric. I was in love, by this time I was experienced with paint media like oil, acrylic, watercolor on canvas but painting on fabric was an exciting challenge. I couldn't stop thinking of all the things I would love to create on different surfaces and after a little research I discovered the world of surface design and my world has never been the same. 


Spoonflower 2018 Winter Magazine

Spoonflower 2018 Winter Magazine

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