Hey Look I Have a Blog & Design Challenge Entry

bunny sketch_1.jpg

Woo hoo after many months of planning I am finally posting on my own website! I plan to share my design and life updates. I hope you enjoy!

Well spring is finally here (down here in the south anyway) it seems as though winter would never end. I have been longing for sunshine, warm days, and green trees. I am working on a series of drawings that include bunnies, birds and butterflies the 3 B's of spring...hey maybe I should add some bees to this design!  I should have had this design ready for Easter because it screams Easter but I didn't have the idea until it was too late.  I am sitting here kicking myself but I really needed a few days of sunshine to get my creative juices moving. (Ewww creative juices gross mental picture.) Beatrice Potter's stories were my inspiration for this design. 

  I have turned this design into Bunny in the Garden fabric and is my entry into the Spoonflower Challenge Gardening. This design will be available on fabric and other products soon in my Fabric shop but in the meantime if you like this design I would love your vote! Just pop over to Spoonflower Design Challenge and give me vote. Coordinating designs coming soon. 

Thanks for stopping by and giving my blog a read! Have a great weekend!!

Vote today!